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Learn About What I Do

Services Offered

At Carmen Fantauzzi SLP, P.C., I offer a comprehensive evaluation as well as ongoing assessments during treatment to determine the strengths and areas of deficit in speech, language and feeding. With an initial assessment in Maspeth, NY, and parent input, combined with your child’s unique interests, personality, and learning style, we will collaborate to construct an optimal strategic intervention plan. Rest assured, it will be tailored to meet your child’s specific needs. This is key to maximizing your child’s progress and success.


In Office:

I provide consultations and treatment for feeding therapy which have been shown to greatly benefit families with children who are considered as picky eaters, have feeding disorders, medically fragile and have multiple disabilities.

In Daycares/preschools

I provide services in preschools or daycares in queens. I assist teachers and daycare providers in helping kids transition into their programs. Assist preschool or daycare providers in helping them assist special needs children to follow the daily routines by providing carryover of speech/language and feeding strategies. Assess a child's feeding risk during mealtimes, feeding therapy for picky eaters and train providers to assist during meal times. Assess the needs of the child in these settings so they can be successfully integrated.

  • Articulation Therapy
  • Auditory Processing Skills
  • Expressive and Receptive Language Treatments
  • Feeding Therapy (Using Motor, Sensory and Behavioral Approaches)
  • Initial Assessment and Frequent Ongoing Evaluations
  • Oral Motor Treatment
  • Phonemic and Phonological Awareness
  • Play Therapy
  • Pragmatic Language and Social Skills
  • PROMPT Therapy (Initial & Bridging)
  • Speech-Language Screenings or Consultations

Bilingual Treatments

I offer bilingual speech and language services in Spanish to meet the linguistic and cultural needs of children whose parents would like them to receive services in their native language.

Nutritional Help

My feeding services for special needs children involve working with many other healthcare professionals, ABA therapists, psychologists, nurses, nutritionists and doctors. We will work as a team to help your child improve their feeding skills.

I have developed a joy for working with parents, and finding new and tested ways to help your child enjoy family meals.

If you’re a caregiver who:

  • Struggles with Getting a Child to Try New Foods
  • Wants to Increase the Nutritional Value of Meals
  • Wants to Learn How to Make Foods of Different Textures and Consistencies
  • Wants to Learn How to Safely Feed Your Child

Services can be provided in an intensive manner (4-5 days a week or several times a day). It could involve use of videos, pictures and phone calls during mealtimes and advice during supermarket ventures.

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