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Meet Me

Carmen Fantauzzi SLP, P.C.

As a licensed speech pathologist, I established Carmen Fantauzzi SLP, P.C. in 2010 to treat speech and other disabilities. Over the years, I have worked in elementary schools, preschools, private agencies, and with private clients. I have many years of experience working with individuals with special needs.

I work with infants, toddlers, and preschool and school-aged students with learning disabilities including Autism and Apraxia. I also help children who are medically fragile, and specialize in treating families with picky eaters.

I Help Empower Parents to Advocate for Their Children By:

  • Providing Reading Support
  • Referring Them to Child Advocacy Services
  • Helping Your Children Enter into Educational Environments and Assisting You with Finding Educational Environments to Meet Your Child’s Needs
  • Providing the knowledge and support needed to help families problem solve while they raise and educate their Children. 

Areas of Service

Services will be rendered in office and/or at daycares/preschool setting. Services will be determined based on the severity and needs of the families. In office services are provided in Middle Village, New York. Not wheelchair accessible at this time.  

Mission Statement

My mission is to Improve the quality of life of special needs children and their families by sharing a wealth of knowledge and expertise with families and all professionals working with the patient. To provide carryover into all settings and to ensure the highest quality care for children with speech, language, cognitive, or feeding disorders.

I enjoy helping busy families find a way to become involved in providing carryovers during daily routines so that they can enhance their loved one’s communication and feeding skills. This will involve teamwork in setting goals, planning interventions for the acquisition of age-appropriate cognitive skills, communication skills and feedings skills.

It will also involve training you to be proactive and open to hands-on learning during sessions to assure that carryover is possible. I am a firm believer that therapy works when the therapist is able to understand the family’s beliefs, wants, needs and concerns. Only then, can I provide the utmost care.

Moreover, continuing education is very important to me in staying in the know of current evidence-based practices. I therefore regularly attend workshops, webinars and new courses that will further my knowledge to help you.

Parents too, are welcome to attend workshops and update me on what you have learned or researched. With my years of experience, I am proud to thank everyone I have treated, because with each of my unique and special clients, I have learned something new.

I plan to continue on learning together and growing my practice so I can help as many people as I can.

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